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Students in Cafeteria

About Us

Hardon Education is a community college, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, focused on healthcare education and training. We're committed to providing quality education and hands-on training through our 3 core values: Knowledge, Guidance, and Hope. These core values are the guiding tenets in our pursuit of uncompromised quality healthcare career training.


At Hardon Education, our healthcare career training is heartfelt, as special consideration is given to every aspect of the learning environment. We partner with community facilities to offer real-world experiences within the field of healthcare. The learning environment is enhanced with a skills learning lab equipped with real medical devices such as hospital beds, simulation mannequins, and diagnostic equipment.  


While holding the necessary licenses and approval to conduct courses for programs offered, Hardon Education is committed to maintaining high standards of healthcare career training.

Our Team

At Hardon Education, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional healthcare training to the highest of standards. 


7.19.23 headshots basic-04959_BLondon.jpg

Brandi London

Chief Education Officer


Hardon Staff 2-12HDumas.jpg

Holly Dumas

Student Services Director

7.19.23 headshots basic-04950_KHarney.jpg

Kellee Harney

Chief Operations Officer



Roci Contreras

Communications Coordinator

7.19.23 headshots basic-04867_TSmith.jpg

Tiffany Smith

VP of People Operations

Hardon Education

Arynn Smith

Summer Intern


Hardon Education

Sunnie Adams

Health Science Instructor


Danielle Brown

Nursing Faculty


Fayez Komari

Non-Nursing Faculty


Rikita Mason

Remediation Coordinator

Hardon Education

Fonda Peaks-Smith

Nursing Faculty

7.19.23 headshots basic-04792_Kayla.jpg

Kayla Alvear

Health Science Instructor

Hardon Staff 2-SErwin.jpg

Secrena Erwin

Nursing Faculty

Hardon Staff 2-2_TJackson.jpg

Tiffney Jackson

Health Science Instructor

Hardon Staff 2-23_SPage.jpg

Shannon Page

Health Science Instructor

7.19.23 headshots basic-04803_DRogers.jpg

Deborah Rogers

Health Science Instructor

7.19.23 headshots basic-04902DChow.jpg

Dania Chow

Classroom Specialist

7.19.23 headshots basic-04919_KGary.jpg

Kwanda Gary

Health Science Instructor

Hardon Staff 2-54_JLondon.jpg

Jalen London

Classroom Specialist

Hardon Education

Marlena Paulk

Classroom Specialist

7.19.23 headshots basic-04896_DTaylor.jpg

Dasha Taylor

Health Science Instructor

School Nursing

Hardon Education

Jasmine Marshall

School Medical Assistant

Hardon Staff 2-20_JWare.jpg

Jacqueline Ware

School Nurse

7.19.23 headshots basic-04936_ASimonds.jpg

Akia Simonds

School Nurse

Hardon Staff 2-3_CJohnson-Brown.jpg

Cecilia Johnson-Brown

School Nurse - Floater

7.19.23 headshots basic-04860_JWalker.jpg

Jamika Walker

School Medical Assistant

Nursing Case Management

Hardon Staff 2-22_CAbdullah.jpg

Cynthia Abdullah

Nursing Case Manager

Hardon Staff 2-28_RKonrad.jpg

Rachel Konrad

Nursing Case Manager

Hardon Education

Heather Amberger

Nursing Faculty, Case Mgr

Hardon Staff 2-7_Nancy.jpg

Nancy Taylor

Nursing Case Manager

Hardon Staff 2-9_LKenworthy.jpg

Lindy Kenworthy

Nursing Case Manager

Hardon Staff 2-60_CWilliams.jpg

Nichole Williams

Nursing Case Manager

For Leaders and Professionals

Hardon Education was founded with the philosophy that superb healthcare training should not be compromised by profit margins. At Hardon Education, we are dedicated to public safety and remain committed to training individuals to serve as leaders and professionals in the healthcare industry.​


Our comprehensive career training goes beyond textbook instruction as we provide essential job training skills. We believe that proper job training skills, specific to the healthcare industry, increase employability and sustainability within the healthcare field. Within our healthcare training courses, we incorporate employability skills such as resume building, mock-interviews, and effective communication techniques. In addition, we equip our students with character and team-building skills that prepare them for the workforce. Life-long learning is essential to creating leaders and professionals. We embrace these ideals at Hardon Education.

Our Philosophy

Hardon Education values quality healthcare education grounded in skills competence, ethical decision-making, and professional responsibility.  Hardon Education believes quality healthcare education embodies highly professional standards, uncompromised by financial gain and selfish ambition.  Hardon Education prioritizes a commitment to public safety by preparing students to function as competent members of multidisciplinary healthcare teams within a variety of patient care settings.

Our Philanthrophy

Hardon Education values the opportunity to make significant contributions to our community, city, state, and nation through philanthropic endeavors.  A portion of Hardon Education proceeds are used for philanthropy projects.  In addition, we support the community by providing scholarship opportunities for our various training programs. For more information, contact us today.

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