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"Formed in the spirit of uncompromised health care career training."



Hardon Educational Institute (HEI) is an independently-owned health care training facility based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  HEI is committed to providing the community quality education and hands-on training through our 3 core values:  Knowledge, Guidance, and Hope.  These core values are our guiding tenets in our pursuit of uncompromised quality health care career training.


At HEI, our health care career training is heartfelt as special consideration is given to every aspect of the learning environment.  We partner with community health care facilities to offer real-world experience with multiple disciplines in health care.  The learning environment is enhanced with a skills learning lab equipped with real durable medical devices, including hospital beds, simulation mannequin, and diagnostic equipment.  


HEI is committed to the high standards of health care career training, and maintain necessary licenses and approval to conduct courses for programs offered.





HEI was founded with the philosophy that superb health care training should not be compromised by profit margins.  HEI staff and directors are dedicated to public safety, and make that committment everyday by training health care providers to serve as leaders and professionals.​



Our comprehensive career training goes beyond text books as we provide essential job training skills.  We believe that proper job training skills specific to the health care industry boosts students' chances of gaining employable skills to help them get and maintain sustainable work.  We integrate resume building, interviewing, communication, and team-building skills into our health care training courses.  


Character building is an important component at HEI.  No matter the level of job experience - we have something to offer all HEI students to help them enhance their employability skills.  Life-long learning is essential to creating leaders and professionals.  We embrace these ideals at HEI.



The preparation of competent health care providers begins with the fundamental knowledge.  At HEI, our curriculum is based on evidenced-based practice and current trends.​


At HEI, we believe in facilitative learning whereby studentgs are provided practical guidance by educators who are academically and experientially qualified.


Our education model is truly heartfelt in our hope and devotion to serve the public through adequate preparation of health care workers.


Holding Hands

​Hardon Educational Institute values the concept of quality health care education grounded in skills competence, ethical decision  making, and professional responsibility.  We believe that quality health care education embodies high professional standards uncompromised by financial gain and selfish ambition.  Hardon Educational Institute understands the most important aspect of our business is public safety, therefore, our priority is to prepare individuals to function as competent members of multi-disciplinary health care teams in a variety of patient care settings.


Hardon Educational Institute values the signficant contribution we can make to our community, city, state, and nation through philanthropic endeavors.  A portion of the company's proceeds is used for philanthropy projects.  In addition, we support the community by providing scholarship opportunities for our various training programs. For more information, contact us today.

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