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Aide Training

Program Information:

  • Course Description: The Home Health Aide Training Course is designed to provide training for basic knowledge and skills to provide care to clients in the home setting.  Theory/classroom training includes introduction to the adult, geriatric and pediatric populations, and specific needs associated with various age groups.  Basic nursing skills are included with simulated practice and clinical instruction.  Clinical instruction includes an introduction to the client care environment, and hands-on learning for basic skills of personal care and grooming.  At the completion of the course, students will be eligible for the registry exam to be placed on the Indiana State Department of Health Home Health Aide Registry.

  • Program Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Home Health Aide Program to prepare competent individuals with the basic skills necessary to provide safe, quality care in the home setting.  Graduates of the Home Health Aide Program will demonstrate accountability and the ability to safely work independently and with a team of health care providers.

**We reserve the right to require additional immunizations as requested by partnering health care facilities.Students will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of additional requests.

Admission requirements

( Please contact our office to enroll)

  • Must successfully complete the Basic Skills Entrance Examination (BSE) with score of 80% or higher.  The BSE may be waived for students who achieve the current minimum TABE score in Reading AND Math.

  • Must submit to a limited criminal background screening.  Positive screenings will be reviewed individually.  Certain findings may prohibit admission to the program.

  • Must show proof of immunizations prior to attending clinical rotations.  Must provide documentation of immunization for the following**:

    • 2-step PPD/TB skin testing or chest x-ray (within last 12 months)

    • Physical (within last 12 months)

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