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Our QMA program is ideal for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) looking to advance their career.  We offer day and evening courses to accommodate the working student.  Courses are offered on the campus of Martin University in Indianapolis.

  • Must be 18 or older (must present valid form of identification or copy of birth certificate)

  • Must show documention of high school diploma or equivalency

  • Must be on the Indiana CNA registry

  • Must verify 1,000 hours worked as a CNA within past 24 months

  • Must present physical examination and 2-step PPD (done within past 12 months of the first day of class)

  • Must provide a criminal history report done in last 30 days

  • Must score 80% or higher on Basic Skills Assessment


Review the QMA Admissions Checklist prior to enrollment.


Enrollment is open for the next QMA course.  Click here to register.

Basic Skills
  • Comprised of basic math and English skills

  • Must be taken prior to admission to the QMA course

  • Can be taken up to 3 times with at least 24 hours between each test

  • Must score 80% or higher to gain admission to the course/program


The course consists of 60 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of practicum course work.  All classroom course work is completed on the campus of Martin University.  Although HEI provides options for practicum sites within the Indianapolis metropolitan area, students are encouraged to secure their own site.  HEI cannot guarantee that our clinical partners will allow/admit any student to complete practicum hours.  All practicum sites must be approved by the course instructor or Program Director.  Students must attend all scheduled classroom and practicum sessions.

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